Sunday, October 18, 2009

something creative for a nice change

(sorry for the blurry scan. smudges at the top say:
"That's it." Bob said. "Deduction is simple when you put your mind to it."
listened with great interest
mismatched eyes
was taking no chances)

an olde book, from a second hand store.
i did not even know
alfred hitchcock wrote books.

this is something i tried. writting letters, and wanting something a lil extra to send, you know? cutting phrases from a book, then making poems from said phrases. it was kinda tricky but really fun. perhaps there is a dadaist in here deep down somewhere

ive always found something about old books to be undeniably enchanting. like fragments of days gone by, full of words we could never hope to relate to now. the expression of things that once sounded so true, aged to something stale and stagnant. the same place we are all heading.
whimsical in a way perhaps.

my friend helani whom lives in canberra has a passion for old books and their covers. she is very skilled at crafting new pages for old covers, stitching and cutting and sewing until something old is something new again, full of potential, limitless. blank pages wrapped in hard cover skeletons

my friend gel whom lives in brisbane has a passion for old books and their phrases. the kind of phrases that make no sense in this day and age, but are completly charming when removed from their context. i remember being scandalised the first time i saw her cut something out of an old nancy drew book, and i am so thankful for this new perspective she has taught me. for making me think a way i never have before

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