Monday, October 26, 2009

james jean

lazy days! i was going to do my assignment today
but then i fell alseep and had the most loveliest of afternoon naps.
so now i am doing it. sort of.
in between thoughts and wanton glances at this stormy summer sky.

i hope you recieved my letter today patrick.

-by James Jean. my favouritest artist of all time ever. perhaps you recognise his art from the covers of the comic book series fables? if you are thus inclined, in a way of comic book geekyness. like i am.
sometime i find it very dis-spiriting that there are people out there who are so talented
much more talented then i will ever be!
but then i remember such thoughts are useless and it is better to think of such things fondly instead.

in other news i think i would like to go to japan mid next year. i have started looking at places on couch surfers, ive already found some nice people who look like they might let me stay. would anyone like to come with?
there will be so many amazing
photo opertunities

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