Sunday, March 28, 2010

i have not been uploading much art late
for that i apologise.
i have bean finding faces hard of late, and everything that pours from these fingertips feels so stagnant!

but time to try again maybe.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i watched the brothers bloom yesterday. gosh what an amazing film
so enviable in its super sleuth ways and quiet trickery!
i wonder if con men and women really do exist in such a capacity in real life
if they are eternaly crowned by bowler hats and always wearing the most amazing of vests.

i should hope so. there is not enough of such things perhaps. or at least that they are far and few between.

the kind mel stringer and ben sea have offered this sea orphan a chance to sit along them during this years supernova at brisbane. i am oh so excited both to sell things and the convention and to sit along side my lovely friends. my cup doeth runneth over <3

i have been making so felt heart badgies, so far i have only made a batman one bfor selling, but i plan to make a fair few more n.n. more on that later but!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

sometimes i feel so inspired
it makes me sad
to think that there is so much amazing stuff
like how can we compare
our efforts to others

when it is all perception!
and sometimes the message can be mis-percieved.
and we have no way of controlling such things
but it is so important to at least try

i just watched where the wild things are, i think it was a bit sad in the end. i didnt like most of it until max was leaving the island

i think it was so brave of spike lee to try to create something
that many people are very stubborn about. most people who have read the book will always have their own idea of how it should have gone
but i think he tried very hard.
and did as well as any of us could have.
especially considering the limited dialogue potential
and how half the book is just the wild things dancing through the forest.

people dont think about things like that i guess
when they are quick to criticise someone elses interpretation
or vision

Sunday, March 7, 2010


always sunny in my heart

oh man
i am being so obsessed with always sunny in philadelphia lately. sometimes i think things are to brilliant for my comprehension and i am left in this sort of limbo like state of total mindblank adoration, never quite capable of making that leap to full acceptance that people have the capacity to make things that i love.
i also find myself falling more in love with charlie everyday even though he eats lotsa cat food and sometimes pees himself. i have been assured this is not the development of some sort of terrible cat food and pee fettish, he is just irresistable in some ways. especially back in the day (like season one and two) when he was just dislexic and not completly retarded and when he still wore nice wollen jumpers.

those of you who know me well will remember that the key to my heart lies well and turly within the sweater and cardigan draw of a boys closet.

and how amazing are these photos HUH
special thanks to patrick for showing me such things.

...and for buying me a wolverine slinky recently.