Saturday, October 24, 2009

i love webcomics

i really like webcomics. i think as fair as creative mediums go, they are pretty tops.
so i thought i would share some of my favourites.
there is nothing better then discovering a newwebcomic you have never read before, and seeing that big fat juicy archive list you know you have all the time in the world to catch up on <3

White Ninja

white ninja usually never makes sense, and is sometimes wierd and creepy but always funny. i dont know how it manages to come to a conculison ever, everything about it is so amazingly illogical

oh man. as an akward person i have to say the thought of having to sing karaoke sober horrorfies me. i remember me and my pall caillan once spent a whole evenin thinking of awesome things to make akward people do. i cant remember most of them now, but i do recall that "asking strangers for bus fair" and "talking to children" were on the list. man im cringing already. being akward is HARD.

cat and girl
cat and girl is awesome and sometimes sad and mostly doesnt make sense and usually has some sort of social comment not so secretly lodged in there. by girl is cool, and sometimes i kind of wish i was here a lil bit.

Perry Bible Fellowship
we had this wierd point in highschool where me and all my other geeban friends would sit around and talk about different perry bible fellowship comics and laugh our asses off. being able to find something humerous in reflection aswell as whilst reading it is pretty great i think.

Qwantz (Dino Comics)
i take it as a sign of a lack of character depth if someone tells me they dont like dino comics. okay, so every comic is edsactly the same art wise... who cares. they range of hilarity that is coveyed using those three lil dinosaurs is mind boggling at times.

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i only started reading this one a lil while ago. its quite plot driven and has some questionable inclusion of religious discussions, but its good if youre super into films. i really must admit i only started reading it cause i happen to work in a movie theatre, just like this is set in. i know right, its basicly like someone made a webcomic about my life. except not.

A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible
this is my favourite i think. every comic is always so profound in one way or another, which in itself is an admiral feat. but combine that with the brilliance that is the art (both in structure and technique) and you have me having a big ol' geek crush on these here pretty pictures.

HARK! a vagrant
one of my friends once told me he thought me and kate beaton were the same person, it is perhaps one of the most flattering things anyone has ever said to me. she is one of the few webcomic artists who makes me want to learn more about things, in this case, history. i just am happy someone this witty is alive and making pretty pictures for me to look at

Married To The Sea
sometimes when i am on public transport i will think of this comic and giggle to myself. theyre mostly a cut and paste affair with old etchings and stuff, but i still like this comic very much.

Some other webcomics i read are as follows! they are a bit more plot driven though, and its a bit difficult to give you guys a sample without it not making sense. also this blog is taking forever and i am feeling pretty lame. ----> this is probably the most recomendable one out of the bunch. the art just gets better and better, and every character is amazingly well developed and completly adorable. ----> most people i know read QC. its about these indie pants kids who work in a coffee shop and have pet robots and talk about morrissey and shit like that
(im sorry for the lack of hyperlinks, but my blogger html is being a total love hole)

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