Thursday, October 22, 2009

exciting news

i know youre going to pixilate my pictures blogger, and i am quite displeased with you about it

for my tafe assignment on talismans. i have been wearing this necklace for so long now, and every bit of it is so organic and natural to me. the thimble bell was given to me by my dear friend helani, the key was bought from an antique store in bangalow, the bird from a market in sydney, twine from a package from helani and the actual string it all hangs on i stole from drama class in year eleven (i fell in love with its girth)
we have to connect our talisman with a place, and i thought i would concentrate on my bedroom and the sense of self that is created by meerly occupying a plce for a long period of time. personally i spend a BUTT load of time in my room, so i try as hard as i can to make it a place where i can grow and stretch. i am always so intregued to see someones bedroom for the first time, i truly think such things can tell you alot about a person.

my very deer old friend Mel Stringer is a bit of a frankie love boat, doing alot of illustrations for the lovely magazine. in this months they have a section about various artists "inspiration walls" which melly was included in, and she has some of my art on her wall! she mentions me and my friend gel by name and everything (gel is pop-loser). i am just so full of love and happyness, especially since my walls are covered in mels art. she truly inspires me!

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