Friday, August 21, 2009

I love you pushing daisies

i have bean re-watching pushing daisies lately. such a lovely show, althought it makes the heart and stomache ache for lovely baked fruit pies. It seems like Ned and Chuck are the perfect boy and perfect girl, i love their relationship so much, even if they can never touch.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


sometimes things get hit by cars, and sometimes these things are cats. and sometimes two girls driving by in a bright blue swift think "hm maybe that cat was someones cat" and goto get the cat to take it to a vet even though it is dead. and sometimes rigourortis has set in and the whole experience is very scary and horrorfying.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

feeling forest flurrys

"isabella lee" drawn as part of a conceptual series of gig posters. i dont know if she will end up gracing the pages of other pages, but for now i am feeling her in my heart and fighting hard to keep her safe and warm. lee is coincidentily my mothers maiden name, but there is no relation.

i feel like perhaps i have bean dipping my toes into the selfishness of self indulgence acts lately. partying too hard and starting too many fires, neglecting those whom are proven forest patriots and feeling quietly lustful for people whom are far too brilliant and clever for i. the kinds who speak their minds and speak with the elegance of considered thought. how dreamy.
like maybe it is time to be rid of loose threads, and gather strength for the coming winter and remember why there are people whom are both worthy of love, and giving it.

i feel you in my bones yes yes yes

Sunday, August 9, 2009

throwing rocks at your window

so stagnant stale bones, with flesh and skin so taught and horribly bunched!
feeling like my productive steak has come to a shuddering halt, and all i want to do is draw something i cna bee proud of and eat cereal for dinner for the rest of my life.
these deluded pre-concieved notions of general existance have been getting tangled in my hair and heart, strange to feel and think about!
and i will take scissors to tongue and lip and cheek and cut out all those thoughts that try to speak when they should be left alone. even though i know these things are fleeting by nature, and this too shall pass.

Monday, August 3, 2009

So topsy turby upside down! like everything is changing for the better, the time for winning is comming and every finger is crossed, every breath held in waiting. but still i feel invested and intertwined with the fictional and unreal, and i do not think i am ready to let such things go. perhaps not holding these vices as tightly as yesterday.

i have started playing basketball everyday. its such an amazing thing to move and jump and shoot. i have not known such movement in these bones since many years ago, and it is nice to remember that love of action and activity. i didnt know i could find joy in such things i must admit.

i did an assignment for class this evening. it was simply a collage, but it feels good to have it done and dusted, and to not have to worry.
the buzz word was "pop culture". im going to blither on about the inevitability of superficiality and self sacrifice. i dont think my teacher likes me though, cause i asked if i could do a triptych and was given a withering gaze in return. whatever trevor!

"endure these thunders with a certain submissive solemnity"