Thursday, April 29, 2010

hey! lets all download some tank girl.

i shaved some of my head yesterday and i am feeling very keen on such things
also it is very good for refrence, as far as comics go!

Monday, April 26, 2010

assignment hey, you guys dont need to read this. meerly for school purposes

one artist who applys post modern thought process and questions to a prominant social issue is gordon bennet. Bennet is of Anglo-Celtic and Aboriginal ancestry, only discovering his aboriginal ancestry at the relativly old age of 11. Bennet utilises this multicultural herritage and sense of alienation to adress issues pertaining to race, and the public perception of the aboriginal people by a socioty largely constituted of white people.

a prime example of Bennets ability to convey complex cultural issues through visual stimulai is his painting But i always wanted to be one of the good guys.
the work alludes to bennets attempts to reconcile both his black and whit eherritage both personally, and on a more grand social scale, self referencially portraying the artist as a young boy dressed in what is commonly percieved as a decidely white role; that of a cowboy. in direct opposition to this image are the reconisably contrasting images of the red skinned native americans, more colloquially known as indians. commonly percieved as being feudal forces, bennet makes the distiction between white and right, black and bad through these childhood images, placing the cowboys within a role of assumative superiority to that of the indians. As cultural paralleles can be drawn bewteen the collonisation of america and australia, the inclusion of indians as apposed to aboriginals remains relevant as both races experienced years of misfortune and masacre at the hands of their respective white settlers.

In addition, the portrayal of bennets cultural crisis as that of cowboys and indians, acts to deconstructe the larger more complex issue of this cultural feud to something more understandable and paletable to the paintings focal point, a child. By translating this issue to the more recognisably juvenile and simplistic cowboys and indians, bennet in turn translates what it must have felt like for him as a child of 11 to be confronted with a wholy foreign and percievably negative cultural identity. bennet has captured this child like perspective through the raw and basic figures of both the white cowboys and red indians, the way in which they are painted seeming both primal and childlike. Also the title effortlessly conveys the childlike sense of 'good' and 'bad', and how the distinction between the two is clear and concise as a child, as influenced by parental figures. it is the inclusion of this childhood perspective that makes this painting both poinant and compelling.

Friday, April 23, 2010

a small update!
i have been doing alot of tafe work lately, or at least attending tafe which takes up so much time. i will hopefuly have some nice things to share with everyone, but i would like to wait until i have it all done to update. i have some life drawings (which i think are interesting to look at in regards to technical drawing as apposed to personal preferance), sculpture, painting, screen printing AND printmaking. i will admit however that i still have some catching up to do. now that the website i read batman on is BROKEN (and thusly my heart along with it) im sure i will be gettng alot more work done.

i have been so inspired by others art lately, i feel like i am being pushed to be better by everyone around me! its so nice to have friends who inspire such things deep from within your lazy bones.

i cant stop playing bejewlled, i stayed up till like, 2 am the other night playing it. is there some sort of support group i can goto? surely someone out there has felt the bitter sting of bejewlled addiction the same as i?

my friend pat is always asking me who i would dress up as at some sort of pop culture convention if i was thus inclinced. my answer varies alot, sometimes i say tank girl or raven or characters from anime, but i think deep down i would really choose batgirl if i could pull it off. depending on which batgirl it was that i wanted to be. i would probably choose cassandra cain because she is fucking badass

-by james jean

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010


fuck i feel so full to the brimm of inspiration and adoration. like my heart is overflowing and my soul is streaming out my nose holes.
i feel so distant from art though, like i spent 3 days around people so creative and trying to push this lil book of mine upon people, that i am too full of information to sort through it and try and translate it to ink and like and word.
you know? i want to badly to convey this feeling in my bones

i feel a lil like i want to bawl my eyes out, i feel so overwhelmed! not from sadness persay, more an overabundance of emotion

and gosh i can not say
in any descernable capacity
how much love ben sea (plump oyster) and mel stringer (girlie pains) have inspired in my heart
they took me under their wings and let me sit at their selling table
and fed me pizza and talked to me in funny voices
and saved me when i left my wallet somewhere with bus fare and warm smiles
and it makes me weep how sweet they are
i have never met old souls so soft and kind
and i am so proud of them and wish for so much happyness to come to them
because they make me so crazy effing happy

things worth mentioning
(and i write this with the idea that blogs are for the verbalisation and transition of memories into something that can be recalled later, even if the memory has faded)

-there was this stall for people who build their own r2d2 robots and stuff, and they were roaming throughout the place. confronted with the reality of a robot i was actually quite freaked out, id always thought id be pretty cool with them, having been influenced by scifi and such. at least they wernt sentient

-rock band was set up directly across us, which was good for viewing i guess. this one guy got up and he was very kurt cobaine esq, and he started making up his own lyrcis, ala "this is my life, behind the beehive". everytime i think about it i have to laugh, its just the most preposterous combination of words

- we saw the sillyest romance style mangas. the highlights were "flowers and bees" and "dont blame me" which had a picture of two effeminant dudes kissing on the cover

- a variety of rediculously cute little kids walking past. most notable was a lovely lil girl dressed as superwoman, she had the tinyest lil pig tails and the biggest brown doe eyes. also saw the most amazing poco rosso costume in existance (perhaps?)

- chewing hubba-bubba perpetually makes you feel like a renegade

- reading ben and mels comics on the bus home made me giggle so much

-i accidently told a girl it looked like james masters wanted to "fuck" her. i felt so rude immediatly after, who says stuff like that to strangers? to contextualise it was a comment about the photo she had got taken with him in which he was standing quite close and doing his (what i consider to be) well known fuck face.

- for some reason all the boys there smelt like tomato sauce.

- sewing felt heart badges for a slew of girls. i really enjoyed it if im being honest though towards the end i felt so anxious. people seemed to really appreciate the home made quality of them though, which made me feel so swell. one boy got what i assumed was usernames of him and his girlfriend (?) like, tom for alice, i thought it was the cutest thing in the whole fucking world. other requests and ones premade and sold - tony stark, dr. sheldon cooper, batman, miyazaki, wolverine, i <3 effy, i <3 pokemon, hit-girl, 4zzz,and i really cannot remember the rest AT ALL.

- while having a smokey stick mel and i overheard a group of three boys having a discussion in which the question was "if you could kiss any girl in the world who would it be?" which i thought was the cutest thing ever. the fact that they were discussing who to kiss as apposed to the more traditional who to have sex with. we didnt hear their answers but i would have been interested to have done so.

- talking to various artists! so fucking nice, everyone was so kind to one another and there was a really lovely spirit of comradery umongst the table holders i think. he stallholders perhaps not so much as the mostly worked for people selling books and such and wernt trying to sell things they had created themselves, but everyone was pretty kind to one another as a whole. it was so fascinating to see how other people approached the comic book making process (not that i do comics per say myself), there were so many different styles and methods, it was fascinating and inspiring! one group (two lovely ladies opperating under the name burgerforce) took photographs for each frame and then edited the photos in illustrator to make them stencil-esq. absolutly amazing.

-got to have a real life nerd chat with a nice fellow sitting at the comicboy studios table. its so rare i get to talk about comics with someone who isnt my friend jordaan (who is truly an amazing dude for such things in all fairness to him) it was secretly a hope of mine at the beginning of supernova that such a spirited conversation would occur. patrick and his lovely lady laura got caught in the crossfire unfortunatly, and even now to think of them standing there and listening to me spew forth "i like it in issue 35 of batman when robin does"* makes me cringe in my ribcage and so so embarissed.

- i realised also how much i talk about my good friend gel to other people. ive come to refer to her as my heterosexual life partner in my head which is fucking appropriate if all is taken into consideration. i feel like i didnt stop talking about her all weekend, which isnt a bad thing because she also fills my heart with happyness. she unfortunatly missed out on the occasion due to study, but she is truly my other half and partner in crime.

- patrick and laura visiting was so nice, to see a friendly face umongst the vieled and costumed crowd. laura bought so many zines and home made comics, it made me smile. also ghost world which is amazing. patrick purchased a pretty fucking amazing batman drawing which i hope to see on his wall at some point in the future.

- ben was obliging enough to paint a lil paper half face mask for me. there is a story that goes with this which basicly ends in i get too aware of my own face flesh sometimes, and having a tasty little viewshield will banish away those unnecissary demons

- meeting the nice and funny fellows from phatsville was delightful, and they were the most wonderful of table mates. i cant wait to start trying my pesky hands at this fandangled comic thing, i really hope i can one day submit something for the phatsville consideration. laying paverstones for the diy kids of the future.

so there i think thats that? fuck i am impressed
if anyone has come this far in terms of reading this monumental post.

in summation:

<3mammoi and pappoi<3


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

i mostly have been sleeping all day and reading web comics all night lately

its a good thing i fell out of flow with penny arcade or i would have nothing to pull me through these cold and dreary nights.

supanova this weekend! i am so nervouse grumbly sick in my stupid guts, it makes me sick all over again.
what if noone likes my stuff, hey?! then i will probably just crawl into the nearest toilet cubicle wail-crying and eating pages out of batman comics.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

i cant ever see myself enjoying a film in which the premise is this guy being unattractive.
maybe its just me getting distracted by my peripherals in the sense that hes standing before a veritable wall of comic books but, im not sure. this whole, geek to glory thing is wierding me out lately