Friday, October 30, 2009

star trek i love you

the star trek remake finally came out on dvd! wholy cripes, i have so much love for this film. i just wanna sleep in my bed and watch this film on repeat for the rest of my life.

i had a dream i enlisted in star fleet last night. it was freakin awesome. i hope this geeky confession does not come as a suprise to you.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

fucking hell.
i am sick of this mentality
that it is a bother to be someones friend, or answer a call or talk. when did everyone started to feel so burdened by everything.
id always thought you should at least be kind to the people you supposedly DO like.
i am sick of feeling
like everyone is letting their anger at themselves and everything simmer deep down
then letting it all out at me
you are not making me cry the way you might want to
you are just boring me with your meladramatics and childish ways.
grow up
and start taking responsability for your own horrible lives
that you have built from years of bad decisions.
you treat yourself like crap
so why shouldnt i.

i am not the problem child, you are the problem parent adult friend. i know edsactly how my insides work
so stop trying to twist my guts around, ohkaye?

have you seen the painted veil? it is the most beautiful of films. it is about cholera and love and such, but golly is it lovely. and also sad maybe. i have such a huge crush on edward norton, he is incapable of doing wrong in my eyes.


betty drapper from mad men is in some respects my hero. the above is one of the most fucking brilliant things i have ever seen, i am so obsessed with the whole concept. i get in trouble sometimes for shootin mah mouth off about how awesome being a housewife would be, i dont think ladies want to hear it in this day and age. but there is something at least interesting about the whole idea of being looked after, you know? i know they were times not our own and in someways its not applicable, but its still something to think about.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

silk spectre portrait by james jean


Photos like these make me feel like i dont know how to live.

taken from

Monday, October 26, 2009


i am not a very good photgrapher i have come to realise. copositionally i think i do okay, but i am not very good on the technical side of things. perhaps i should ask one of the lovely gentlemen i know who are into such things
to take me nder his wing and teach me more

please please please

james jean

lazy days! i was going to do my assignment today
but then i fell alseep and had the most loveliest of afternoon naps.
so now i am doing it. sort of.
in between thoughts and wanton glances at this stormy summer sky.

i hope you recieved my letter today patrick.

-by James Jean. my favouritest artist of all time ever. perhaps you recognise his art from the covers of the comic book series fables? if you are thus inclined, in a way of comic book geekyness. like i am.
sometime i find it very dis-spiriting that there are people out there who are so talented
much more talented then i will ever be!
but then i remember such thoughts are useless and it is better to think of such things fondly instead.

in other news i think i would like to go to japan mid next year. i have started looking at places on couch surfers, ive already found some nice people who look like they might let me stay. would anyone like to come with?
there will be so many amazing
photo opertunities

Saturday, October 24, 2009

i love webcomics

i really like webcomics. i think as fair as creative mediums go, they are pretty tops.
so i thought i would share some of my favourites.
there is nothing better then discovering a newwebcomic you have never read before, and seeing that big fat juicy archive list you know you have all the time in the world to catch up on <3

White Ninja

white ninja usually never makes sense, and is sometimes wierd and creepy but always funny. i dont know how it manages to come to a conculison ever, everything about it is so amazingly illogical

oh man. as an akward person i have to say the thought of having to sing karaoke sober horrorfies me. i remember me and my pall caillan once spent a whole evenin thinking of awesome things to make akward people do. i cant remember most of them now, but i do recall that "asking strangers for bus fair" and "talking to children" were on the list. man im cringing already. being akward is HARD.

cat and girl
cat and girl is awesome and sometimes sad and mostly doesnt make sense and usually has some sort of social comment not so secretly lodged in there. by girl is cool, and sometimes i kind of wish i was here a lil bit.

Perry Bible Fellowship
we had this wierd point in highschool where me and all my other geeban friends would sit around and talk about different perry bible fellowship comics and laugh our asses off. being able to find something humerous in reflection aswell as whilst reading it is pretty great i think.

Qwantz (Dino Comics)
i take it as a sign of a lack of character depth if someone tells me they dont like dino comics. okay, so every comic is edsactly the same art wise... who cares. they range of hilarity that is coveyed using those three lil dinosaurs is mind boggling at times.

border="0" alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5396143290896886514" />

i only started reading this one a lil while ago. its quite plot driven and has some questionable inclusion of religious discussions, but its good if youre super into films. i really must admit i only started reading it cause i happen to work in a movie theatre, just like this is set in. i know right, its basicly like someone made a webcomic about my life. except not.

A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible
this is my favourite i think. every comic is always so profound in one way or another, which in itself is an admiral feat. but combine that with the brilliance that is the art (both in structure and technique) and you have me having a big ol' geek crush on these here pretty pictures.

HARK! a vagrant
one of my friends once told me he thought me and kate beaton were the same person, it is perhaps one of the most flattering things anyone has ever said to me. she is one of the few webcomic artists who makes me want to learn more about things, in this case, history. i just am happy someone this witty is alive and making pretty pictures for me to look at

Married To The Sea
sometimes when i am on public transport i will think of this comic and giggle to myself. theyre mostly a cut and paste affair with old etchings and stuff, but i still like this comic very much.

Some other webcomics i read are as follows! they are a bit more plot driven though, and its a bit difficult to give you guys a sample without it not making sense. also this blog is taking forever and i am feeling pretty lame. ----> this is probably the most recomendable one out of the bunch. the art just gets better and better, and every character is amazingly well developed and completly adorable. ----> most people i know read QC. its about these indie pants kids who work in a coffee shop and have pet robots and talk about morrissey and shit like that
(im sorry for the lack of hyperlinks, but my blogger html is being a total love hole)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

exciting news

i know youre going to pixilate my pictures blogger, and i am quite displeased with you about it

for my tafe assignment on talismans. i have been wearing this necklace for so long now, and every bit of it is so organic and natural to me. the thimble bell was given to me by my dear friend helani, the key was bought from an antique store in bangalow, the bird from a market in sydney, twine from a package from helani and the actual string it all hangs on i stole from drama class in year eleven (i fell in love with its girth)
we have to connect our talisman with a place, and i thought i would concentrate on my bedroom and the sense of self that is created by meerly occupying a plce for a long period of time. personally i spend a BUTT load of time in my room, so i try as hard as i can to make it a place where i can grow and stretch. i am always so intregued to see someones bedroom for the first time, i truly think such things can tell you alot about a person.

my very deer old friend Mel Stringer is a bit of a frankie love boat, doing alot of illustrations for the lovely magazine. in this months they have a section about various artists "inspiration walls" which melly was included in, and she has some of my art on her wall! she mentions me and my friend gel by name and everything (gel is pop-loser). i am just so full of love and happyness, especially since my walls are covered in mels art. she truly inspires me!

i love living in this day and age

things that inspire me <3

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

attempt at portraiture

these are some
portraits i took of my friend gel. i know they are not very traditional compositionally (at least in terms of portrait) but i think that they represent her well.

inspired by post by my dear friend patrick, who always makes me think more then i would were my thoughts left to their own devices.

for some reason blogger is making all my pictures pixilated.

...and another, because she is my friend
and she doesnt get cross at me
when i am unintentionally callous
or when i am too within my own thoughts to leave the house

Sunday, October 18, 2009

something creative for a nice change

(sorry for the blurry scan. smudges at the top say:
"That's it." Bob said. "Deduction is simple when you put your mind to it."
listened with great interest
mismatched eyes
was taking no chances)

an olde book, from a second hand store.
i did not even know
alfred hitchcock wrote books.

this is something i tried. writting letters, and wanting something a lil extra to send, you know? cutting phrases from a book, then making poems from said phrases. it was kinda tricky but really fun. perhaps there is a dadaist in here deep down somewhere

ive always found something about old books to be undeniably enchanting. like fragments of days gone by, full of words we could never hope to relate to now. the expression of things that once sounded so true, aged to something stale and stagnant. the same place we are all heading.
whimsical in a way perhaps.

my friend helani whom lives in canberra has a passion for old books and their covers. she is very skilled at crafting new pages for old covers, stitching and cutting and sewing until something old is something new again, full of potential, limitless. blank pages wrapped in hard cover skeletons

my friend gel whom lives in brisbane has a passion for old books and their phrases. the kind of phrases that make no sense in this day and age, but are completly charming when removed from their context. i remember being scandalised the first time i saw her cut something out of an old nancy drew book, and i am so thankful for this new perspective she has taught me. for making me think a way i never have before

i feel like i am forgetting more and more how to effectivlly communicate. writting letters that are too heart felt to be sent, aiming things out into the world and hoping that the person who they are meant for will read them and realise he is the one i am refering to.
i wish i was braver, capable of verbalising these things as more then whispered words and barbs that pierce and stick and stay.

and i know things will never change and i will wake up the same tommorow and the next day and on and on

and i cant even hope that what i want is deserved or realistic at all


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

eep eep eep.
so much is happening
everything is always going.
?esaelp ?dnah ym dloh ot tnaw uoy od

... i do know how to love you

Sunday, October 11, 2009

things i have been thinking about

toasted toes
bitten lip
telling the truth

things i have been thinking about

toasted toes
bitten lip
telling the truth

Saturday, October 10, 2009

i love you the decemberists

Where has she gone?
Well, I bet she's on the bottom of the Frenchtown Pond
Rudely abused on some hescher's joyride
So I wrote you this song
In the hopes that you'd forgive me
Even though it was wrong
Being so careless with a thing so great
And taking your poor Madeleine away, away


fish eye

bit our tongues
sucked our lips into our lungs