Wednesday, September 30, 2009

perhaps ignorance is my new best friend

oh man
some words from a friend this evening
advice on the possability of an encounter with another
advice that i should regret it if this encounter should hurt the other of this another
you know?

all i do is work and be tired and wish i was asleep
where are my forest friends?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

home from the beach

my friends and i went over to straddie, for the last visit to a house that has held us safe many a time
during poison sip and smokey suck!
i found myself seeking quiet more then i should have, wishing for private thoughts, feeling like i was not being a part of things enough!
there is only so much time
you can spend indoors happily before you must be sent outside

i hate it when people presume to touch your camera
act indiginit when you say they may not
take horrible photos
and then complain when you want it back.
not specific to these photos, just a general though of something that i find irritating.

i am tired of finding the perfect fellow
perfectly preoccupied
by another.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Gentlemen EP cover

i have these lovely girly friends whom have a band called "The Gentlemen" (ironic considering its a girl band!)

they kindly asked me to do something for an ep cover for them. i dont know if its what they wanted, but i think sometimes it is better to just do the art you do instead of trying too hard to think of what people want you to do, you know?

they are some swell kids, and certainly not the type to get into unnecissary fisty cuffs like these bettys.

Monday, September 21, 2009

your bones, so white

sometimes i think berrys look loathing and murderous! vicious and delicious! the sweetest of drippings, red like bitten blood and skin stained pink and wet.

silver deer, the sweetest of gifts from my friend ali. i almost wept a lil, i have never bean given something so perfect before. so suited to the forest in my heart!
porcelin fox, paws crossed so perfectly. so small, i can not resist his painted eyes. a true testiment to the irresistability of the fox.
gold locket, the one i thought id lost. so close to these ventricles, so adored and wanted! i was so sad when i thought it was gone, so relieved to see it again.

Im jaded, i hate it

"talking to the person you havent even met yet. and maybe theyre rolling around in the hay with somebody else but they're nt as good as you'll be. you just gotta wait your turn. shes out there, hes out there, theyre just learning what to contrast you against"

i think thats a pretty cute sentiment to hold in your heart!

i am missing my friends. i had a dream the other eve' that i went to a foreign city
with a friend of mine
and he kept on running away and i could not keep up!
i awoke so panicked and

i have been thinking alot about heroes lately. it is perhaps a problem.
or at least would be for one not quite as lazy and self indulgent as eye.

Friday, September 18, 2009

what i wore today

this was so freakin hard!
i do not know why
i sometimes striggle with the simplest of drawing tasks


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

splitting spitting

i am now on tafe holidays! i feel so uncertain about my future, about my own capacity to learn and grow, my own intelligence. i want to do phsycology, but everyone is telling me i am not clever enough and art is something i have always had at least an aptitude for. should i try the more difficult but potentially more fufilling corse or what? sheesh things are troublesome sometimes.

this is one of my favourite things ive arted in a really really long time. that red haired lil lovely is such a seductress, try and resist her jeans, t-shirts and converse combination if you think you can.

Monday, September 14, 2009

cant help myself

Of all the girls tossing rocks at your window, I'll be the one waiting there even when it's cold

i feel a lil lost lately. like i am constantly wanting unnecissarily, misjudging those around me and forgetting how to bee. i guess it seems like i am always glum, but i do have so many amazing people in my life.
i just do not appreciate them
as much as they deserve.

i just need someone sugary sweet
to grab my by the paw and lead me through these woods.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

callow fallow

i love the blured textures that long exposure to fire creates!
i had the swellest evening
with two girls whom i adore
more then most.
but none are more deserving

all broken pause and over thought! thinking too heavily before touching fingertips to keyboard, pushing instinct and urge under the carpet and always being safe.
stupid, stupid girl!

this week i am going to try and channel my inner taylor, lilly, and kaya.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

things will be different, keep those blue eyes wide you bright young pretty thing!

things are in flux, these red sticky insides are tangled with sickness and thoughts dont always come from where you think they might.

i love your demeanour, your counternance!

feeling aimless and tired, tucked up in bed the way you should when you are tummy sick. there are more productive things to be doing wih my time but i just want to sleep and sleep and never wake up. snugg and safe in blanket, forest floor, downey fur and limb. only capable of comprehending this one moment, the flush of everything that happens when you get sick! damn this feeble body

brains to inconsistant for propper aplication, ambitions too shy and aware of failure before the task could ever really bee begun. there are too many possabilaties and chances to be snatched, i think ill just fall asleep instead.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

i feel like i am bursting with secret lil forest words, things i yearn to say to fellow dear deer alike, but unable to do so.
in the wise words of a friend
"we make things more complicated than they have to be"

i dont know no no no. getting far too easily attatched, charmed and intreguied uncontrolably! sometimes people are just too amazing and i cant help but get too attatched, to think upon to often. i think perhaps it is a blessing and a hinderence, annoying in that it is often a helpless sorta way to bee, but so nice to know people like that exist, you know?

even if these paths may no colide, nor may these antlers cross at all. huff!

i have bean listening to the jonas brothers alot lately. something about their incredibly naieve and innocent lyrics and pop sensablaties entices me, but rest assured my musical tastes reach higher then cheesy disney pop. it is fun in a silly way and i can not help but love it.

people who hold that sort of ting in disregard should be disregarded at any rate!

my poor puppy dog is dying. my heart is breaking and im trying so hard not to think about it.

huff puff
ffuh ffup

Saturday, September 5, 2009

photo update: old patrick wolf gig photos

clearing out my CF card
and i remember seeing this wolf cub perform at rosies last year some time
falling in love with his fur and feathers (literally) and feeling that sweet forest magic flow from his ukelele into my bones.

i quite enjoy gig photography, i find it very organinic in a way! sometimes lighting can be very tricky though, and this was deffinatly one of those times. i think these kinda communicate the intimacy of the gig however, it was such a small venue and patrick wolf was so tall, he filled the whole room

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

green with envy

for seuth!
this is a lil lady
i pulled out of these ventricles.
i have bean feeling a lil sick with envy lately.
there will always be
girls who are prettyer and nicer and more talented
and i am getting used to these skin and bones

i love this gouache, ive never been so in love with colour before!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

old photo update

i have bean doing alot of art for study lately, and not so much for myself. so i thought i might take this quiet chance to share some of my old photos. i feel people dont really notice my photography in light of my art, like someone can only choose one of these things to try and be good at. i dont know, i feel like i invest just as much of myself in my photos as i do my drawings and paintings, so they must be relevant in some way, non?

these are quite old, back when the grass was green and clover riddled. i was just beginning to grow thee horns, and i took these as a series called "doe heart", like maybe inside these ventricles all twisted and tired are these objects. my first attempt at any thing even resembling marcro photography, and i never loose my fondness for them

gel and i like to experiment with lomography sometimes.

this was my friend charlies cat. her name was jane, and she was the most perfect kitty in the whole world. i dont usually like felines, but her temperment was devine, and i am sad she is gone