Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TAFE is getting easier, but i am getting lazier. thoughts of lazy habbits even when being proactive! i havent really drawn much lately, but i feel like there are some things wantin to squirt outta this brain.
soon soon soon.

A little painting i did at a friends house a very long time ago. i was really into zombie girls at the time, and on reflection its pretty sloppy!

Ink on a calico bag

im one of those does
who is very interested and curious as to what someones den shows about them. i always feel a silly lil sweet happyness and seeing a new friends room, the place where they feel most comfortable in the forest!
here are some of my den. my little clown boys and my desk, so many art giftles from all over

in unrelated news, i am so keen to see Jennifers Body, Megan Fox's soon-to-be-released-HORROR. I must admit that i have not jumped on the anti-fox bandwaggen, but i will also say that i generally dont invest my effort into caring about celebreties private life and such. as far as im concerned all she needs to do is look pretty.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lill busy buzzy fingers tips. Sitting in the dark and quiet, thinking on foxes and sweet sugar smells. Living porer but happier somehow. Like in a basic and more simpler way.

left my cardigan on a bus. Was a very sad day indeed! Now I have to wear this purple leopard print number that is just a lil strange.

Missing my friend ella, she gets back from america tommorow apparently. She told me she got me a barak obama cigar, and I am pretty ecxited. I've missed her footprint in the forest so much this whole time she has been away.

I had a dream
About travelling to a far away city
And visiting
I feel so much like going away for a while. Too much of everything! Possible!

Heh. A cute lil wolf cub, all wide eyed pretty pawed, so cute in her demenor. A brain wave shared! So nice to meet people like this in the world, it gives me so much happy hearted hope

Have been exchanging letters with my dear friend evie. Its so nice just to create and send so old fashioned and fun. She is pretty swell, but so young! Im sure her heart will only grow stronger

Moth house moth house moth house


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

high fidelity.
"oh yeah? well i made a top five list of all time worst heart breaks in my life and you wernt even in it!"
leaning out the window! and it's true fox. you are not on the list.

i have been watching alot of veronica mars. it always makes me want to be a private detective. puts false notions of super sleuthin grandeure in my head, like perhaps i could plant tiny cameras and microphones and uncover dastardly deeds and plots. i am sad it ended so soon, season three was such a let down.
but i am still finding toasty cumfort in pulling over the sheets, and settling into its wit and comfortable charm.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

dead doe

this same familiar itchy brain sick winding up through spine and mouth.
wet lil black tar staining bruised berry lips
ouch ouch ouch.
and i am pulling out this heart and house, wringing out the muck and hanging it out to dry for a long time. let it hang and dip drip drip
a rib without a heart.

started tafe. i quite like it except for running into a terrible black tar fox sometimes. part of the woods where his den is dug, and i hate that i have to wander through the same trees. ducking between the dirt and bark and bugs.
tafe istself is quite nice. simple things so far. i had a three hour class on line where all we did was play with ink.

lame nerd. for those who dont follow star trek, NCC-1701 is the ship number of the star ship enterprise. i guess its only super lame if you know star trek well enough, which in return makes you lame i guess. i am not the most proficcent of sewers unfortunatly, but i must say that this took ages and was frustrating regardless. and turned out crooked as you can see, which i kinda like to be honest.
everyone must have a shirt that makes them feel the way this one does when i wear it. warm and safe!

i finally managed to get my hands on a copy of Charlie Bartlette, a bazillion years after i thought it was supposed to be released. i love this film so much, anoton yelchin is possibly my favourite russian, and kat dennings is a beautiful girl

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

i was feeling a bit sticky sad glum the other day, when i was fortunate enough to catch my very dear friend mel in an interweb chat. some of you might know her for her art, or her blog
she is one of those rare people that is capable of spreading happyness just by being herself! and she always puts things in perspective for me.

i want to always channel zooey deschanel, because she is the type of girl who is brave and amazing and is never full of doubt or black wet sticky tar.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

i wish i had the brain waves for physics! but ohmigosh is that shit complex. id like to think if i really applied myself i could do it though! ... not that i will.

i have bean thinking alot on the forest lately (and x-men, but that is irrelivant perhaps). on frosty winter morn and cloud formations and the crunch of forest floor under heal and hoof!

i start TAFE in two days. i feel the nervous tummy grumble of a cub for their first day of schoolin! i thought being big meant being better in tne bones and gutty-wutts, but they still ache with that same old nervousness! drats! i guess i still have some growin and grumblin to do

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

sometimes i wish i could just reach on in a boys ribcave and have a lil tug at his heart strings, you know? a keen knowledge of anatomy is essential!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

first propper post and updateyness!
i am starting this lil blog propperly in the hopes that having a place like this will inspire me to be more creative and productive! something i have been struggling with lately unfortunatly. i promise to update with alot more art and photos and thoughts and honey drippings. hope you enjoy!