Wednesday, July 29, 2009

TAFE is getting easier, but i am getting lazier. thoughts of lazy habbits even when being proactive! i havent really drawn much lately, but i feel like there are some things wantin to squirt outta this brain.
soon soon soon.

A little painting i did at a friends house a very long time ago. i was really into zombie girls at the time, and on reflection its pretty sloppy!

Ink on a calico bag

im one of those does
who is very interested and curious as to what someones den shows about them. i always feel a silly lil sweet happyness and seeing a new friends room, the place where they feel most comfortable in the forest!
here are some of my den. my little clown boys and my desk, so many art giftles from all over

in unrelated news, i am so keen to see Jennifers Body, Megan Fox's soon-to-be-released-HORROR. I must admit that i have not jumped on the anti-fox bandwaggen, but i will also say that i generally dont invest my effort into caring about celebreties private life and such. as far as im concerned all she needs to do is look pretty.

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