Saturday, July 18, 2009

dead doe

this same familiar itchy brain sick winding up through spine and mouth.
wet lil black tar staining bruised berry lips
ouch ouch ouch.
and i am pulling out this heart and house, wringing out the muck and hanging it out to dry for a long time. let it hang and dip drip drip
a rib without a heart.

started tafe. i quite like it except for running into a terrible black tar fox sometimes. part of the woods where his den is dug, and i hate that i have to wander through the same trees. ducking between the dirt and bark and bugs.
tafe istself is quite nice. simple things so far. i had a three hour class on line where all we did was play with ink.

lame nerd. for those who dont follow star trek, NCC-1701 is the ship number of the star ship enterprise. i guess its only super lame if you know star trek well enough, which in return makes you lame i guess. i am not the most proficcent of sewers unfortunatly, but i must say that this took ages and was frustrating regardless. and turned out crooked as you can see, which i kinda like to be honest.
everyone must have a shirt that makes them feel the way this one does when i wear it. warm and safe!

i finally managed to get my hands on a copy of Charlie Bartlette, a bazillion years after i thought it was supposed to be released. i love this film so much, anoton yelchin is possibly my favourite russian, and kat dennings is a beautiful girl

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