Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lill busy buzzy fingers tips. Sitting in the dark and quiet, thinking on foxes and sweet sugar smells. Living porer but happier somehow. Like in a basic and more simpler way.

left my cardigan on a bus. Was a very sad day indeed! Now I have to wear this purple leopard print number that is just a lil strange.

Missing my friend ella, she gets back from america tommorow apparently. She told me she got me a barak obama cigar, and I am pretty ecxited. I've missed her footprint in the forest so much this whole time she has been away.

I had a dream
About travelling to a far away city
And visiting
I feel so much like going away for a while. Too much of everything! Possible!

Heh. A cute lil wolf cub, all wide eyed pretty pawed, so cute in her demenor. A brain wave shared! So nice to meet people like this in the world, it gives me so much happy hearted hope

Have been exchanging letters with my dear friend evie. Its so nice just to create and send so old fashioned and fun. She is pretty swell, but so young! Im sure her heart will only grow stronger

Moth house moth house moth house


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