Monday, August 3, 2009

So topsy turby upside down! like everything is changing for the better, the time for winning is comming and every finger is crossed, every breath held in waiting. but still i feel invested and intertwined with the fictional and unreal, and i do not think i am ready to let such things go. perhaps not holding these vices as tightly as yesterday.

i have started playing basketball everyday. its such an amazing thing to move and jump and shoot. i have not known such movement in these bones since many years ago, and it is nice to remember that love of action and activity. i didnt know i could find joy in such things i must admit.

i did an assignment for class this evening. it was simply a collage, but it feels good to have it done and dusted, and to not have to worry.
the buzz word was "pop culture". im going to blither on about the inevitability of superficiality and self sacrifice. i dont think my teacher likes me though, cause i asked if i could do a triptych and was given a withering gaze in return. whatever trevor!

"endure these thunders with a certain submissive solemnity"

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