Sunday, March 14, 2010

sometimes i feel so inspired
it makes me sad
to think that there is so much amazing stuff
like how can we compare
our efforts to others

when it is all perception!
and sometimes the message can be mis-percieved.
and we have no way of controlling such things
but it is so important to at least try

i just watched where the wild things are, i think it was a bit sad in the end. i didnt like most of it until max was leaving the island

i think it was so brave of spike lee to try to create something
that many people are very stubborn about. most people who have read the book will always have their own idea of how it should have gone
but i think he tried very hard.
and did as well as any of us could have.
especially considering the limited dialogue potential
and how half the book is just the wild things dancing through the forest.

people dont think about things like that i guess
when they are quick to criticise someone elses interpretation
or vision

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