Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i watched the brothers bloom yesterday. gosh what an amazing film
so enviable in its super sleuth ways and quiet trickery!
i wonder if con men and women really do exist in such a capacity in real life
if they are eternaly crowned by bowler hats and always wearing the most amazing of vests.

i should hope so. there is not enough of such things perhaps. or at least that they are far and few between.

the kind mel stringer and ben sea have offered this sea orphan a chance to sit along them during this years supernova at brisbane. i am oh so excited both to sell things and the convention and to sit along side my lovely friends. my cup doeth runneth over <3

i have been making so felt heart badgies, so far i have only made a batman one bfor selling, but i plan to make a fair few more n.n. more on that later but!

1 comment:

Mel Stringer said...

You can call your felt badges :

Heart-Felt Badges.


Love yaaaa!!!