Tuesday, August 18, 2009

feeling forest flurrys

"isabella lee" drawn as part of a conceptual series of gig posters. i dont know if she will end up gracing the pages of other pages, but for now i am feeling her in my heart and fighting hard to keep her safe and warm. lee is coincidentily my mothers maiden name, but there is no relation.

i feel like perhaps i have bean dipping my toes into the selfishness of self indulgence acts lately. partying too hard and starting too many fires, neglecting those whom are proven forest patriots and feeling quietly lustful for people whom are far too brilliant and clever for i. the kinds who speak their minds and speak with the elegance of considered thought. how dreamy.
like maybe it is time to be rid of loose threads, and gather strength for the coming winter and remember why there are people whom are both worthy of love, and giving it.

i feel you in my bones yes yes yes

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