Friday, April 23, 2010

a small update!
i have been doing alot of tafe work lately, or at least attending tafe which takes up so much time. i will hopefuly have some nice things to share with everyone, but i would like to wait until i have it all done to update. i have some life drawings (which i think are interesting to look at in regards to technical drawing as apposed to personal preferance), sculpture, painting, screen printing AND printmaking. i will admit however that i still have some catching up to do. now that the website i read batman on is BROKEN (and thusly my heart along with it) im sure i will be gettng alot more work done.

i have been so inspired by others art lately, i feel like i am being pushed to be better by everyone around me! its so nice to have friends who inspire such things deep from within your lazy bones.

i cant stop playing bejewlled, i stayed up till like, 2 am the other night playing it. is there some sort of support group i can goto? surely someone out there has felt the bitter sting of bejewlled addiction the same as i?

my friend pat is always asking me who i would dress up as at some sort of pop culture convention if i was thus inclinced. my answer varies alot, sometimes i say tank girl or raven or characters from anime, but i think deep down i would really choose batgirl if i could pull it off. depending on which batgirl it was that i wanted to be. i would probably choose cassandra cain because she is fucking badass

-by james jean

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