Tuesday, September 8, 2009

things will be different, keep those blue eyes wide you bright young pretty thing!

things are in flux, these red sticky insides are tangled with sickness and thoughts dont always come from where you think they might.

i love your demeanour, your counternance!

feeling aimless and tired, tucked up in bed the way you should when you are tummy sick. there are more productive things to be doing wih my time but i just want to sleep and sleep and never wake up. snugg and safe in blanket, forest floor, downey fur and limb. only capable of comprehending this one moment, the flush of everything that happens when you get sick! damn this feeble body

brains to inconsistant for propper aplication, ambitions too shy and aware of failure before the task could ever really bee begun. there are too many possabilaties and chances to be snatched, i think ill just fall asleep instead.

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