Tuesday, September 1, 2009

old photo update

i have bean doing alot of art for study lately, and not so much for myself. so i thought i might take this quiet chance to share some of my old photos. i feel people dont really notice my photography in light of my art, like someone can only choose one of these things to try and be good at. i dont know, i feel like i invest just as much of myself in my photos as i do my drawings and paintings, so they must be relevant in some way, non?

these are quite old, back when the grass was green and clover riddled. i was just beginning to grow thee horns, and i took these as a series called "doe heart", like maybe inside these ventricles all twisted and tired are these objects. my first attempt at any thing even resembling marcro photography, and i never loose my fondness for them

gel and i like to experiment with lomography sometimes.

this was my friend charlies cat. her name was jane, and she was the most perfect kitty in the whole world. i dont usually like felines, but her temperment was devine, and i am sad she is gone

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