Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i am stuck in this house
i am sitting upon
and i have all these thoughts
that feel so misplaced in a nest not my own
and perhaps it is wrong to feel like you must contextualise such things
to be in a space to worn and well known
but i miss my walls and familiar posts and poles.
and these things do not feel the same.

my deer friend sammy gave me a sweet singing lullaby cd from lil scout
which is the band of a girl i used to know so well,
laura k,
and it seems like such a strange happenstance to be given such a thing by someone whom i adore so much now
about a friend whom i used to adore so much then
the space between us seems so far
and i feel like there is too much distance
between whom i used to be
and whom is wearing this skin and bones now

you are the kind
whom i adore

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