Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fashion Photography

so perhaps it is my tendency to develope male friendships more often then female ones, but sometimes i get very embarissed about liking extremly girly things like gossip girl. when i think on the topic more of corse i realise it is a silly thing to be embarissed about, so in honour of that notion i bring you a number of fashion photoshoots staring gossip girl actors.

i find fashion photography so intreguing sometimes! terribly concieted in some ways, but beautiful in others. i think it is perhaps feeble because it relys on the pre-existing beauty of the subjects, and very rarely brings out something in the subject that was not already planely visible. i of corse find other types of photography much more compelling, but much in the same way i can not help but adore gossip girl, i also adore fashion photography. its also worth mentioning that i find the whole perpetuity of materialism and superficiality completly repulsive in certain ways. like everything, i think without sincerity fashion photography can perhaps do more harm then good, but i do not dare pressume to push these opinions down your throat, no no no.

Ed Westwick and Leighton Meister for singapore Elle

i know its their job to look like theyre attracted to each other and all (as they are dating in gossip girl), but i actually adore the chemistry in these photos. such an amazing set

Taylor Momsen

something deep inside of me tells me i shouldnt like taylor momsen, but i just think she is so gosh darn pretty. even if she does seem like an extremly self obsessed person

in other news, i have alot of assesment this week
and my dog is getting put down tommorow
i wish you would come to my door
and give me a hug
i miss you.

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